Visiting Scholars 2011-2012

MacMillan Center Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Lucas Coffman 
Coca-Cola World Fund Visiting Professor, Yale School of Management
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Ohio State University
Research Interests: experimental economics, behavioral economics, development economics Brazil
Teaching: One course at the School of Management
MacMillan Center Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturer
Gaye Ilhan Demiryol
Political Science
Research Interest: continental political theory, history of political thought, contemporary political thought, philosophy of history and freedom
Teaching: (Fall Term) Freedom in Western Political Thought; (Spring Term) Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought
Council on East Asian Studies Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
  William Fleming
Research Interest: early modern Japanese literature; pre-modern Japanese literature; Japanese popular culture and visual culture; history of science and medicine in East Asia
Teaching: Pop Culture in Early Modern Japan
  Fumiko Joo
Research Interest: late imperial Chinese literature and cultural history; Sino-Japanese literature; gender and religion in pre-modern East Asia; and serpent women in early modern China and Japan
Teaching: Fantastic Stories in Late Imperial China and Tokugawa Japan
  Jin Woong Kang 
Research Interest: North Korean state power and militant nationalism 
Teaching: Understanding North Korea
  Yuhang Li
Research Interest: women’s artistic and literary reproductions of Guanyin in late imperial China and the representation of women’s life cycle through material objects in pre-modern China
Teaching: Engendering East Asian Art History
Council on East Asian Studies Post Graduate Fellow
  Nobutaka Otobe
Postgraduate Fellow
Department of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: political theory, international relations 
Council on European Studies Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
  Laura Lee Downs (Fall term)
Transitions to Modernity Fellow, Visiting Professor
European Studies Council, Department of History
Professor at the EHESS, Paris, France
Teaching:  Children at War in the Twentieth-Century Europe
  Alexander Winterstein 
European Union Fellow, European Union Studies, Council on European Studies
Assistant to the Director General of DG Competition, European Commission
Research Interests: EC competition and constitutional law
Council on European Studies Post Doctoral Fellows and Post Graduate Fellows
  William Bullman (Fall 2011)
British Studies Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Council on European Studies, Department of Political Science
Research Assistant Professor, History, Vanderbilt University
Research Interests: emergence of adversarial and partisan patterns of choice in parliament
  Marion Fouan
Post Graduate Fellow
Center for the Teaching of French, Council on European Studies and Programs in International Education Resources (PIER)
Toulouse II University (Mirail), France
Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies
  Luis Eduardo Zavala DeAlba
Research Professor and Lecture, Director of Human Rights for EGAP, State of Mexico
Research Interest: human rights, human rights policy
Council on Middle East Studies Visiting Professor
  Rabab A. El-Mahdi
Rice Family Foundation Visiting Scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor
Council on Middle East Studies and Political Science
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, American University in Cairo
Research Interests: social movements in the Arab world (labor, women, prodemocracy, Islamist), civil society-state relations, and neoliberalism in Latin America and the Middle East. 
Teaching: The Arab Spring
  Oliver Bast
Visiting Fellow in Iranian Studies, Council on Middle East Studies
Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern History and Persian, University of Manchester, UK
Research Interests: German-Iranian relations in the early 20th century
Council on Middle East Studies Postdoctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Emily McKee
Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Anthropology
Teaching: Topics in Modern Middle East Studies
  Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar
Post Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Middle East Studies and Anthropology
Research Interest:  anthropology of immigration and diasporas
Teaching: Topics in Modern Middle East Studies
Council on South Asian Studies Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Sana Haroon
Singh Visiting Fellow
Advisory committee Habib University Foundation, Karachi 
Research Interest: Islamic practices in modern day Pakistan
Teaching: Islam in Contemporary Pakistan, South Asia and the Gulf
  Madhavi Murty (Spring term)
Research Interest: gender and media in India
Teaching: Gender and Sexuality in a Transnational World; Gender and Media in India
  Rochisha Narayan 
Research Interest: women and gender, global and comparative 
Teaching: Women in Modern India and Family; Caste and Religion in Early Modern South Asia, c 1500-1800
  Stanley Scott (Spring term)
Research Interest: vocal music of North India, Bengali folk song, Irish traditional music, American folk music, musical transmission and pedagogy
Teaching: Indian Musical Traditions
  Juned Shaikh
Research Interest: modern South Asia; 20th c. India, labor history, urban history, comparative colonialism, social and cultural history, Dalit studies, development studies.
Teaching: Urban Imaginaries in India; History of Modern South Asia
Council on South Asian Studies Visiting Fellows
  Daniela Bredi (Fall term)
Associate Professor of History of Islam in South Asia, Department of Oriental Studies, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Research Interest: Islam in South Asia
  Eungu Lee
Professor, Department of Indian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Kyounggi, Korea
Research Interest: Hindi and Indian culture
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Visiting Professors and Koerner Fellow
  Nicoli Nattrass (Fall term)
Professor, School of Economics and Director, AIDS and Society Research Unit, University of Cape Town
Research Interests: AIDS policy in South Africa; AIDS stigma; the social and economic factors driving HIV infection; global health citizenship 
Teaching: The Political Economy of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa; Health Inequality and Development; Gateway to Global Affairs
  Annabel Patterson
Koerner Fellow
Sterling Professor Emeritus English, Yale University
Teaching: The International Novel
  Vimal Ranchhod (Fall term)
Rice Family Foundation Visiting Scholar and Lecturer in Economics and Global Affairs
 Postdoctoral and Research Fellow, University of Cape Town 
Teaching: Economics of Inequality and South Africa Datasets
  Jeremy Seekings (Fall term)
Professor of Political Studies and Sociology, University of Cape Town
Research Interests: South African welfare policy; democratization and the transformation of urban politics in South Africa
Teaching: Comparative Welfare Policy in Developing Countries; Race and Class in Comparative Perspective
  Isaiah Wilson
Associate Professor, Director of American Politics, Public Policy and Strategic Studies 
Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy, West Point
Research Interests: Global/U.S. arms trade; U.S. politics; U.S. public policymaking process; national security strategy; grand strategy; war and peace studies; military and humanitarian-based intervention; legal and ethical aspects of war/peace.
Teaching: Two courses on counter-insurgency and post-conflict state-building
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Lloyd Grieger
Research Interest: social demography, specifically race and inequality
Teaching: Applied Methods of Analysis; Applied Quantitative Analysis
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Senior Fellows
  Domingo Cavallo
Chairman and CEO of DFC Associates; Honorary President of Fundación Mediterranea; Former Minister of Economy of Argentina 
Teaching: International economics
  Thomas Graham
Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia, National Security Council 
Teaching: Contemporary Russia
  Richard Goldstone (Spring term)
Former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; Former Chief Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
Research Interests: international law; international human rights
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs
  Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb
Colonel Commandant of the Special Air Service; Former Commander of the Field Army; Former Deputy Commanding General of the Multi-National Force-Iraq  
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs, Middle East and Central Asia Module
  Michele Malvesti 
Vice President in the Intelligence, Security, and Reconnaissance Group at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); Senior Fellow with the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point
Teaching: National security decision-making
  General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal
Former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander of United States Forces Afghanistan
Research Interests: leadership
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs; Leadership
  Rakesh Mohan
Former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Research Interests: economic reforms and liberalization; industrial economics; urban economics; infrastructure studies; economic regulation; monetary policy 
Teaching: Evolution of Central Banking: Changing Contours;  India’s Economy: Performance and Challenges
  Ana Palacio (fall 2011)
Founding partner Palacio y Asociados; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs for Spain
Teaching: Elements of Global Governance: Values & Interests at Crossroads
  Manuel Pinho
Program Director, Energy MBA, Institute of Labor Science and Business, Portugal; former Minister of Economy and Innovation for Portugal 
Teaching: International Energy Policy
  Stephen Roach
Non-Executive Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia
Research Interests: globalization; the emergence of China; productivity and the macro paybacks of information technology
Teaching: The Next China; Economic and Policy Lessons from Japan: Debates in Macroeconomics; Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy, and Politics
  Sheryl WuDunn
Senior managing director,  MMSIB; Former journalist and business executive at The New York Times; Co-author of Half the Sky 
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs, Soft Power Diplomacy Module
Global Health Initiative Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Kristina Talbert-Slagle
Research Interest: global health
Teaching: The Role of Water in Infectious Disease
  Wietse Tol
Research Interest: global health
Teaching: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Humanitarian Settings
Canadian Studies Committee
  Dean Irvine
Canadian Bicentennial Visiting Associate Professor
Associate Professor, Department of English, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Research Interest: modernism in Canada
Teaching: Modernist Remediations
Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy Visiting Faculty
  Marco Battaglini
Leitner and Cowles Foundation Visiting Faculty
Professor of Economics, Princeton University
Research Interest: international political economy
  Avinash Dixit
Princeton University, John J. F. Sherrerd ‘52 University Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Research Interest: economic policy, international trade
  Douglas Irwin (early Fall term)
Robert E. Maxwell ’23 Professor of Arts and Sciences, Dartmouth College
Research Interest: international trade, international economic policy
Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy Postdoctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Quintin Beazer (Post Doctoral Associate)
Research Interest: comparative politics, political economy, Russian politics, Post Communist Economic Reform, Bureaucracy, Institutional Reform & Policy Implementation
  James Hollyer (Post Doctoral Associate and Lecturer)
Research Interest: bureaucratic development and state capacity, corruption, comparative political economy, international political economy, political methodology
Teaching: Patronage and Corruption
Program on Democracy Postdoctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Elizabeth Carlson
Research Interest: African voters’ ethnic preferences
Teaching: Development in Africa: Puzzles and Policy 
  Kristin McKie
Research Interest:  The politics of executive constraint in Sub-Saharan Africa
Teaching: Political Institutions: Sub-Saharan Africa in Comparative Perspective
Center for the Study of Representative Institutions Jack Miller Postdoctoral Associates and Lecturers
  Steven Bilakovics
Research Interest: political theory, public law, and American politics
Teaching: The Separation of Church and State and Its Critics; The Spirit of Capitalism and Its Critics
  James Vaughn
Research Interest: history of Britain and the British Empire, 1688-1918; the history of European overseas expansion, 1500-2000; the history and social theory of capitalism
Teaching:  The British Empire and the Making of the Modern World
  Danilo Petranovich
Research Interest: political theory, American politics, political leadership
Teaching: Liberal and Conservative Traditions in America; Democracy and Political Leadership
Program on Global Justice
  Ranjoo Herr (spring term)
Visiting Fellow
Associate Professor, Bentley University
Research Interests: global health, international affairs
Program on Order, Conflict and Violence
finkel Evgeny Finkel
Postgraduate Associate
Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Interest: victims’ politics: Jewish behavior during the holocaust
lewis Janet Lewis 
Postgraduate Fellow, Guggenheim Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Government, Harvard University
Research Interest: civil conflict, ethnic politics, international security, economic development, research design
parkinson Sarah Parkinson
Postgraduate Associate
Political Science Department, University of Chicago
Research Interest: comparative politics
Fox International Fellows
  Jonathan Agensky
PhD Candidate, Political Science, Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England
Project Title: Faith-based Political Advocacy and Humanitarianism:  North-South Encounters and Evangelical Movements
  Maria Cecília Asperti
Masters Candidate, School of Law, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Project Title: Consensual Conflict Resolution: Overcoming Obstacles in the Transition from a Culture of Litigation to a Culture of Peace
  Maria Batishcheva
PhD Candidate, Public Administration, Moscow State University, Russia
Project Title: Institutional Whistle Blowing in the System of Public Administration: The Example of the United States of America
  Una Bergmane
PhD Candidate, History, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France
Project Title: French and American Reactions to the Disintegration of the Soviet Union: The Case of the Baltic States, 1989-1991
  Katharina Gnath
PhD Candidate, Political Science, Frei University, Berlin 
Project Title: Explaining EMU External Governance: Emergence, Operation, and Evolution
  Shrimoyee Gnosh
PhD Candidate, School of Law, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Project Title: The Many Lives of Stamp Paper in India:  Ethnography, History, and Politics
  Sam Kirsop
BA, Geography, Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England
Project Title: Crude Control:  Assessing the Effectiveness of U.S. Legislation in Tackling Oil Spills
  Liram Koblentz
PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Project Title: Democratic Countries and the War on Terrorist Organizations and Guerilla Movements
  Laura Stevens Leo
Masters Candidate, International Studies, El Colegio de México, Mexico City 
Project Title: Legislative Coalitions in Multiparty Presidentialisms: Comparing Mexico and Brazil
  Kota Matsui
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo, Japan
Project Title: Public Sector Unionism and American Social Policy in an Era of Rising Inequality
  Mikhail Moskovski
PhD Candidate, History, Moscow State University, Russia
Project Title: The Role of the Dartmouth Conference in Russian-American Relations in the 1980s
  Singumbe Muyeba
PhD Candidate, Sociology, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Project Title: Do Private Property Titles Reduce Poverty and Inequality?  A Comparative Investigation of the Developmental Consequences of Low Cost Homeownership in Two Southern African Cities
  Benson Olugbuo
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Project Title: The Complementary Principle of the International Court Treaty and the Interests of Justice in Africa:  A Study of the Ugandan and Sudanese Conflicts
  Charu Singh
PhD Candidate, History, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Project Title: Configuring the Monsoon: Rainfall, Meteorology and Famine in Colonial India
  Xiao Bing Zhang
Masters Candidate, Environment and Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai 
Project Title: Development Strategy and Management Policy for Urban Water Industry
  Ozge Zihnioglu
PhD Candidate, International Relations/Political Science, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul
Project Title: The Promotion of Democracy in Post-war Societies: A US/EU Comparison
Gilder Lehrman Center Post Doctoral Fellows
  Laura Roseanne Adderley (Spring term)
Associate Professor, History, Tulane University
Research Topic: The black experience during the decades around slave trade abolition and slave emancipation in the nineteenth-century Caribbean and the Americas
  Steven Deyle (Fall term)
Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Houston
Research Topic: Honorable Men: Isaac Bolton, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and the Murder of James McMillan
  Christoph Witzenrath (Fall term)
Research Fellow, History Department, University of Aberdeen
Research Topic: Slavery, Redemption, and Moral Capital in Seventeenth-Century Ukraine
Gilder Lehrman Center Visiting Fellows
  Audra Diptee
Assistant Professor of History, Carleton University
Research Topic: Children as Commodities: Child Slavery in Colonial Bénin, 1890-1960
  Gregory Downs
Assistant Professor of History, City College of New York, CUNY
Research Topic: The Freedmen’s Bureau
  Samuel Martinez
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Connecticut
Research Topic: Texts and Contexts of Contemporary Slavery Narratives
  Zoe Trodd
Faculty Fellow in American Studies and English, Columbia University
Research Topic: Frederick Douglass in Myth and Memory
  Richard Rabinowitz 
President, American History Workshop
Research topic: Curating the Silence: Developing Ways to Represent the Historical Presence and Agency of the Undocumented Populations in the Public Space
International Alliance of Research Universities Visiting Professors – University of Tokyo
  Akinobu Kuroda
Professor of East Asian History, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
Research Interests: East Asian economic history
  Kentaro Matsubara
Associate Professor of Legal History, University of Tokyo
Research Interests: socio-legal history and anthropology
  Yoshie Yanagihara
Research Fellow, Division of International Affairs, University of Tokyo
Research Interests: cultural comparison of the attitudes on reproductive technology between Japan and the United States