Appointment Request Procedures for Councils & Programs

How to Submit an Appointment Request

All appointment requests should be submitted online via the submission portal. PDF forms and email submissions are not accepted. Please follow this link to access the submission portal:

If you or someone in your unit requires access, please email

New Appointments

  1. Visit the portal to initiate a new scholar request. You will be required to CAS login.
  2. Once you enter the portal, you will click the “New Request” button located on the right side of the page.
  3. Complete all required fields marked by a red asterisk (*)
    • Appointment Titles: Please refer here for a brief overview of appointment title categories. Please make your best effort at selecting the appropriate title, however OVEF staff will review and change if needed.
    • Research Focus: Please provide a brief one or two sentence description of the scholar’s research focus or the title of the research project they will be working on while at Yale. This information is used directly in the appointment letter. It takes the format of, “During your appointment, you will devote your time to your research on…”
    • Teaching: If teaching, please provide as much detail as possible about the course(s), including term course(s) will be taught and course title(s).
    • Attachments: You will be able to attach necessary documents in the submission portal. We require a CV for all appointment requests.
Notes About Secondary Appointments
  • If a secondary appointment is needed, we require confirmation from the Chair of the secondary department in order to issue the appointment letter. Chair approval is not required at the time you submit the case for processing by OVEF, however the formal appointment letter will normally not be issued until confirmation of the secondary appointment is received. Please attach email confirmation from the Chair to the scholar request via the portal.
  • When completing the portal form, you must enter the cost center code for the secondary department. Below is a list of departments frequently used for secondary appointments. If you need the cost center code for another department, please email and OVEF staff can provide that information.

Department Name

Workday Account Code



East Asian Languages and Literatures






History of Art


Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations


Political Science


Religious Studies


Slavic Languages and Literatures

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies



Making updates or changes to a scholar submission

You can view the status of any scholar submission from the home page of the scholar request portal.

Once a scholar has been submitted, you cannot make changes to the record. If you need to provide additional information about the scholar or if there are changes to the record that need to be made, you can submit those via the case comments section of the scholar request summary page. You can also submit any attachments via the scholar request summary page. After you make your comment and/or upload documents, make sure to click the “Update Request” button on the right hand side of the page.  

The status of the scholar will change as they move through the review and approvals process. Below is an overview of the status and definitions.




New case has been submitted. No actions have been taken by OVEF Staff.

On hold – Missing Information

OVEF staff require additional documentation or information in order to continue processing the appointment.

Under Review

OVEF staff are reviewing the submission and supporting documents.

In Progress

Appointment letter is being drafted

Approval Requested

Offer Extended

Appointment has been sent out for formal approvals.

Formal appointment letter has been issued.


OVEF staff will process the hire paperwork during this phase.

On Campus

Scholar has completed check-in with OVEF and is on campus.


Scholar appointment has ended, no longer on campus.


All reappointments should be entered to the portal as a “New Request”.

If a Postdoctoral Associate is being reappointed, an IDP report is required. The Annual IDP Report is completed and signed by both the faculty mentor and the postdoc and is intended to foster discussion between the faculty mentor and postdoc about the postdoc’s progress. OVEF staff need a copy of the IDP report to process the reappointment request.