The following orientations are offered for our Visiting Scholars and attendance is mandatory as applicable. 

New Visiting Scholar Orientation

The New Scholar Orientation will provide you with an overview of the MacMillan Center, review important onboarding information, as well as provide some practical information to assist you during your time with us. The date of your orientation will depend on your start date. This is a required orientation for all new visiting scholars. 

Teaching Orientation

The Visiting Scholar Teaching Orientation is required for any scholar who will be teaching in the upcoming academic year. One session is offered prior to the start of each semester. This orientation is facilitated by the Center for Teaching and Learning and provides a useful way to connect with colleagues who will also be teaching in the same semester as you. You will engage in an interactive session that will allow you to explore topics such as inclusive teaching strategies, active learning practices as well as discuss Yale students and teaching expectations. 

  • For scholars teaching in the Fall semester, the orientation will most likely be held in August. A specific date will be announced so please check back again. 
  • For scholars teaching in the Spring semester, the orientation is normally held in late November or early December.

Details and a formal invitation to the Teaching Orientation will be sent to each scholar individually. More details about the New Faculty Orientation can be found here: https://poorvucenter.yale.edu/New-Faculty-Opportunities 

Postdoctoral Orientation

If you are joining us as a Postdoctoral Associate or Fellow, you must attend an orientation hosted by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. You should register for a session in the first month of your arrival as they will cover some valuable information regarding benefits and support networks.

Click here to register for an upcoming Orientation session.  

Visit the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs website to learn more.

Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) Check-in and Orientation

If you are an international scholar on a Yale sponsored visa, you are required to check-in with OISS upon arrival.