Visiting Scholar titles and qualifications

Visiting Research Faculty

Visiting Researchers are those affiliated with other institutions whose in-residence participation for limited periods in sponsored research administer by Yale will be of mutual benefit. The appointment title will be comparable to that held at the individual’s home institution. Visiting research faculty must comply with all University research and training requirements. 

Titles in this rank include: Senior Research Scholar, Research Scholar, Associate Research Scholar

Visiting Teaching Faculty

Visiting Faculty are appointed at the rank of lecturer unless an individual currently holds a professional rank at another university. Persons who hold academic teaching appointments in an established college or university and who are appointed to a visiting teaching position at Yale will be given a title at Yale which is the same or equivalent to the title they hold at their home institution.

Titles in this rank include:  Visiting Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Lecturer, and Lector

Visiting Fellow

Visiting Fellows are established scholars and distinguished individuals whose presence at Yale for a limited duration will be of mutual benefit. They have outside employers and are paid by the employer while at Yale. 

Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Associates and Fellows

Postdoctoral Associates and Fellows are recent Ph.D. (or equivalent) degree recipients who seek advanced research training under a faculty mentor. Appointees funded from research grants, contracts, or other University sources are Postdoctoral Associates; they are employees of the University even though they are considered trainees. Postdoctoral Fellows are also trainees, but they are not Yale employees. They may be funded either from training grants or external fellowships. 

Postgraduate Fellows and Associates are recent bachelor or master degree recipients who come to Yale to further their education and training. As with postdocs, postgraduate titles (associate vs. fellow) are dictated by funding source.