Visa Process

International scholars requiring a visa will work with OVEF staff and the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) in order to process the documents required for the scholar to apply for the US visa. 

After you have been offered an appointment and accepted:

  1. Review the Information for New Scholars section of the OISS website for more details on the immigration process.
  2. OVEF staff will submit your appointment information to OISS to start the visa process. You will receive an email asking you to submit biographical information through the OISS Connect system. Please complete this in a timely manner. OISS will use the information submitted to issue a Form DS-2019 which is mailed directly to you.
  3. Carefully read the Immigration section of the website to fully understand your visa category and various requirements and/or restrictions associated with your status. Which visa you will hold during your time at Yale will be determined by OISS in consultation with OVEF staff. While OISS will assist you whenever possible, it is your responsibility to apply for and obtain the correct visa status to enter the United States.
  4. Apply for the U.S. visa after your DS-2019 has been issued. Please review this guidance from OISS on the application process.
  5. Update OVEF staff on the progress of your visa application, especially if you encounter any delays or are denied for any reason.

Medical Insurance requirements:

All J-1 Exchange Visitors and their J-2 dependents are required by federal regulations to have medical insurance for the entire period of their stay in the United States. Those scholars who will not hold benefits eligible positions, will need to show proof of health insurance that complies with the health insurance requirement.

J-2 Dependents:

If you will be coming to Yale with your family, and they require a visa as well, there are specific guidelines for funding levels and health coverage for your family as well. Please be sure to educate yourself on these regulations in advance of your visa application. You will need to submit the information about your dependents to OISS via the OISS Connect system in order to issue the Form DS-2019 for your dependent(s).

For questions related to visas, please direct your initial queries to Jennie Shamasna, and she will liaise with OISS on your behalf.