Visiting Scholars 2010-2011

Academic Year 2010-2011

Through the generous support of benefactors, visiting scholars from all over the world are invited to The MacMillan Center to conduct research, teach courses, and interact with students, staff and faculty. The Center, in conjunction with its various Councils, Departments, and Programs, is proud to host the following visiting scholars for 2010-2011:

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MacMillan Center Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Ratna Kapur (Fall 2010)
Coca-Cola World Fund Visiting Professor 
Director, Center for Feminist Legal Research 
Teaching: Human Rights and Difference; and Comparative Feminisms and Law
Stephen Ndegwa (Fall 2010)
Rice Family Foundation Visiting Scholar and Senior Lecturer in Political Economy
Council on African Studies and Political Science
Lead Public Sector Governance Specialist at the World Bank 
Teaching: State Transformation, Conflict and Development in Africa
Alison Miller (Fall term)
Robina Foundation Fellow in Residence, Yale School of Law and MacMillan Associate Research Fellow
 Lecturer in Residence, UC Berkeley School of Law 
Teaching: Sexual Rights: Perspectives from International and Comparative Law
Jane Calvert (Spring term)
Senior Research Fellow MacMillan Center and Visiting Associate Professor of History
Associate Professor of History, University of Kentucky 
Teaching: Imagining Constitutions in Early Britain and America
MacMillan Center Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Gaye Ilhan Demiryol
Political Science
Research Interest:  Continental Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Contemporary Political Thought, Philosophy of History and Freedom
Teaching:   Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought
Council on East Asian Studies Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Kaoru Hosono
Professor of Economics, Gakushuin University, Japan
Research Interst:  Ecomomic policies by the new Japanese government
Kala Mulqueeny
Yale World Fellow; Senior Counsel, Asian Development Bank; Environment and Energy Lawyer; Lecturer, University of the Philippines Law College
Naoki Shimizu
Institute of Social Sciences, Kochi Junior College, Japan
Research Interests: “Pork Barrel” Politics and Japanese Financial Policy
Guo-an Yang (Fall term)
Associate Professor of History, Wuhan University, China
Research Interests:  China’s Ming and Qing Dynasties
Council on East Asian Studies Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Francesca Di Marco
Research Interest:  Discourse on suicide in Japan from 1900 until 1945
Teaching:  The Asia-Pacific Wars: Histories, Crimes, Memories
Youn-Mi Kim 
Research Interest:  Liao Dynasty ritual practices and implications 
Teaching:  Religion, Politics and Visions of Afterlife in Northeast Asia through Liao Art of the 10th -12th Centuries
Alyssa Park
Research Interest:   Role of Korean migrants in establishing modern state boundaries in Northeast Asia Teaching:  Mapping “Korea” in East Asia: Politics, Ideas and Society
Council on European Studies Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Anastasios Belessiotis
European Union Fellow and Lecturer, European Union Studies, Council on European Studies
Economic Adviser, Bureau of European Policy Advisers (????), European Commission 
Teaching: The European Union’s Contemporary Challenges 
Wolfgang Plasa 
Visiting Fellow, European Studies Council
Counsellor, Directorate-General for External Relations , European Commission
Research interest: Trade and labor standards
Philippe Urfalino (Spring 2011)
Transition in Modernity Fellow
European Studies Council, Department of Political Science
Professor at the EHESS, Paris, France
Teaching:  Rules of Collective Decision and Deliberation
Council on European Studies Post Doctoral Fellows and Post Graduate Fellows
William Bulman
British Studies Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Council on European Studies, Department of Political Science
Research Assistant Professor, History, Vanderbilt University
Research Interests: Emergence of adversarial and partisan patterns of choice in Parliament
Teaching:  Revolutionary Britain, 1603-1714
Sarah Cameron
Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Fellow 
Research Interest:  Modern Russia, Turkic and Iranian Worlds, and European Empires
Marie Laffitte 
Post Graduate Fellow
Center for the Teaching of French, Council on European Studies
Toulouse II University (Mirail), France
Council on Middle East Studies
Mikaela Rogozan-Soltar
Post Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Council on Middle East Studies and Anthropology
Research Interest:  Anthropology of immigration and Diaspora
Teaching: Topics in Modern Middle East Studies
Sebnem Gumuscu Orhan
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Political Islam in Turkey and Egypt
Council on South Asian Studies Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Mrinalini Rajagopalan
Singh Visiting Fellow
Council on South Asian Studies and the School of Architecture
Research Interest: Detailing Development: Architectural Expression of the Tata Conglomerate
Teaching: Cities in South Asia; Visual Cultures of Urban Modernity in South Asia
Ian Desai
Research Interest:   Books Across Borders: Gandhi’s Global Knowledge Enterprise
Teaching:  Modern Indian History; and a junior seminar on Gandhi
Gijis Kruijtzer
Research Interest: Ethics of Exception: Attitudes towards Rules and Individual Judgment in the Persianate and Latinate Worlds 
Teaching:  Islam in South Asia; and a senior seminar on Europeans in South Asia
Stanley Scott  (Spring term)
Research Interest: vocal music of North India, Bengali folk song, Irish traditional music, American folk music, musical transmission and pedagogy
Teaching:  Indian Musical Traditions
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Visiting Professors and Koerner Fellow
John Kane
Professor and Deputy Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
Research Interests: Political Theory; Democratic Studies; Moral Philosophy; Political Leadership; US Foreign Policy
Teaching: International Ideas & Institutions:  US Leadership and International Order, Moral Capital and International Politics, andDemocrats at War
Nicoli Nattrass
Professor, School of Economics and Director, AIDS and Society Research Unit, University of Cape Town
Research Interests: AIDS policy in South Africa; AIDS stigma; the social and economic factors driving HIV infection; global health citizenship 
Teaching: The Political Economy of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa andGateway to Global Affairs
Annabel  Patterson
Koerner Fellow
Sterling Professor Emeritus English, Yale University
Teaching: The International Novel
Jeremy Seekings
Professor of Political Studies and Sociology, University of Cape Town
Research Interests:  South African Welfare Policy; Democratization and the transformation of urban politics in South Africa
Teaching: Comparative Welfare Policy in Developing Countries andRace and Class in Comparative Perspective
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs Senior Fellows
Richard Danzig 
Senior advisor at the Center for New American Security, the Center for Naval Analyses, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Richard Goldstone
Former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
Former Chief Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda
Research Interests: International law; International Human Rights
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs
Gordon Hanson
Professor of Economics, School of International Studies and Pacific Studies and Director, Center on Pacific Economies, University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: International migration of skilled labor; economics of illegal immigration; the relationship between business cycles and global outsourcing;  international trade in religion
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs
Linda Jewell
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ecuador
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Mexico and Canada
Research Interests: Public diplomacy; Western Hemisphere affairs
Teaching: US Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century
Flynt Leverett
Director of the Iran Project and Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation 
Research Interests: US foreign policy; Middle East and Persian Gulf; global energy issues
Teaching: Energy, International Security and the Global Economy andGlobalization and Grand Strategy:  The United States, Rising Asia, and the Persian Gulf in the 21st Century
Hillary Leverett
CEO of Strategic Energy and Global Analysis (STRATEGA)
Research Interests: US-Iranian relations; Middle East affairs
Teaching: The United States and the Middle East and U.S.-Iranian Diplomacy
General Stanley McChrystal
Former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander of United States Forces Afghanistan
Research Interests:  Globalization and the complexity of modern leadership
Teaching: Leadership
Rakesh Mohan
Former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
Research Interests: Economic reforms and liberalization; industrial economics; urban economics; infrastructure studies; economic regulation; monetary policy 
Teaching: Evolution of Central Banking: Changing Contours
Marwan Muasher
Vice President for Studies, Middle East Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Former Jordanian Ambassador to Washington
Research interests: Middle East peace process
Teaching: Contemporary Arab Political Reform and Middle East Peace Process: 1991-Present
Stephen Roach
Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia
Research Interests: Globalization; the emergence of China; productivity and the macro paybacks of information technology
Teaching: The Next China, Lessons from Japan, and Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy, and Politics
James Woolsey
Former Director of Central Intelligence and former head of the Central Intelligence Agency 
Research Interests:  Foreign affairs; defense; energy
Teaching: Gateway to Global Affairs
Global Health Initiative Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Teresa Janevic
Research Interest: Health disparities in Eastern Europe
Teaching:  Health in societies in transition: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Aunchalee Palmquist
Research Interest: Migration and health disparities
Teaching:  Food, Health, and Society in Global Perspective and Topics in Medical Anthropology and Global Health
Kristina Talbert-Slagle
Research Interest: Global health
Teaching: The Role of Water in Infectious Disease
Wietse Tol
Research Interest: Global health
Teaching:  Global Mental Health:  Interdisciplinary Perspectives 
Global Health Initiative Post Doctoral Fellows and Lecturers
Ben Herzog
Pierre Keller Post-Doctoral Fellow in Transatlantic Relations 
Research Interest: Citizenship and globalization
Teaching: Citizenship in Transatlantic Perspective
Lloyd Grieger
Research Interest: Social demography, specifically race and inequality
Teaching:  Applied Quantitative Analysis and Applied Methods of Analysis
Nils Weiderman
Research Interest: Patterns of violence
Teaching: Introduction to the Study of Civil War
Prakhar Sharma
Post Graduate Associate
Research Interest: Patterns of violence
Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy
Massimiliano Onorato
Economics, Luigi Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
Research Interest: Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Economic Growth and Development,
 and Public Economics
Andrew Eggers
Government, Harvard University
Research Intersest: Money, Politics and Institutions
Teaching:  Perspectives on Money and Politics
Moses Shayo
Lecturer, Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Interest: Social identity and its impact on economic policymaking and political development 
Program on Democracy 
Robert Person (Fall term)
Post Doctoral Associate 
Research Interest:  Regime transitions in the former Soviet Union
Teaching:  After Communism: The Politics of the Post-Soviet States
Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Lourdes Gutierrez Najera
Assistant Professor, Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies and Anthropology, Dartmouth College
Research interest: Zapotec transnational migrations, conflict and belonging
Teaching: The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
Rani Neutill
Lecturer, Harvard University 
Research interest: Literature of the South Asian disapora
Teaching: Race, Literature and Psychoanalysis
Program on Global Justice
Yu-wen Hsiao
Post Doctoral Fellow
Post Doctoral Researcher, National Chung-Cheng University
Research Interests: Theory of Justice, Normative Ethics, Theory of Reasons
Joy Gordon
Visiting Fellow
Professor, Fairfield University
Research Interests: Economic sanctions, International human rights law, global governance
Program on Order, Conflict and Violence
Guido Panvini
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interest:  Left-wing terrorism in Europe
Program on Order, Conflict and Violence Post Graduate Fellows
Eduardo Moncada
Research Interest: The business of conflict and crime: state responses to violence
Collin Nippert
Research Interest:  Construction of incumbent violence in irregular warfare
Cyrus Samii
Research Interest:  Armed civil conflict
Fox International Fellows
Maria Alexandrova
PhD Candidate, History, Moscow State University, Russia
Project Title: The Relations Between the Monarchy and Financial Community in Early Modern England
William Attwell
PhD Candidate, School of Law, The University of Cape Town, South Africa
Project Title: Water and Security in Southern Africa: The Legal and Political Dimensions of Trans-Boundary Benefits
Catarina Barbieri
PhD Candidate, Law, University of São Paolo, Brazil
Project Title: Resolving the Tort Crisis in Brazil: U.S. and Brazilian Solutions to Contemporary Injury Litigation
Pablo Barriga Davalos
Graduating Senior, Political Science, El Colegio de México, Mexico City
Project Title: The New Left in Bolivia: Indianism, Social Justice and “High Intensity” Democracy
Benjamin Boudou
PhD Candidate, Political Science, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France
Project Title: Foreigners at the Borders of Liberal Democracy
James Cameron
PhD Candidate, History, Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England
Project Title: The Development of Advocacy for an American Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense system, 1955-1972
Georg Fischer
PhD Candidate, Institute for Latin American Studies, Free University, Berlin
Project Title: Strategic Resources and U.S.-Brazilian Technical Cooperation in the 20th Century: The Case of Iron Ore
Eduard Grebe
PhD Candidate, Economics, The University of Cape Town, South Africa
Project Title: AIDS Leadership in South Africa: Civil Society Leaders, Networks, and Coalitions for Treatment Access
Auriane Guilbaud
PhD Candidate, Political Science, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France
Project Title: The Role of Business in Global Health Governance: Health Policy and Developing Countries
Andrés Hincapié
Masters Candidate, Economics, El Colegio de México, Mexico City
Project Title: Mixing, Not Fixing, Inequality Theories in Mexico
Yi Huang
PhD Candidate, International Relations, Fudan University, Shanghai
Project Title: Nuclear Disarmament in the United States
Hiroko Ichikawa
PhD Candidate, International Relations, University of Tokyo, Japan
Project Title: Tienamen Square and U.S. Public Diplomacy toward China
Anna Isaykina
PhD Candidate, Political Science, Moscow State University, Russia
Project Title: Balancing the Budget: The Evolution of Social Policy in the Clinton Administration
Charlie Laderman 
PhD Candidate, History , Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England
Project Title: Theodore Roosevelt and the Humanitarian Tradition in American Diplomacy, 1894-1920
Daniela Lorenz
PhD Candidate, School of Business and Economics, Free University, Berlin
Project Title: Corporate Investment Decisions: The Relevance of Tax Policies
Kerem Morgül
PhD Candidate, Modern Turkish History, Bogazici University, Istanbul 
Project Title: The Neoliberalization of Agriculture in 21st Century Turkey
Yuanyuan Ren
PhD Candidate, School of Law, Fudan University, Shanghai
Project Title: Arbitration in the WTO: Learning from American Practices
Takeshi Umekawa
PhD Candidate, Law/Political Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
Project Title: Presidential Signing Statements under the Reagan Administration
Carmit Valensi
PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Project Title: Exceeding the State: Comparing Hamas, Hizballah, and Al-Qaeda
Abha Yadav
PhD Candidate, School of Law, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Project Title: Information and Accountability: Freedom of Information in India and the United States
Gilder Lehrman Center
Richard Rabinowitz 
Visiting Fellow
President, American History Workshop
Research topic:  Curating the Silence: Developing Ways to Represent the Historical Presence and Agency of the Undocumented Populations in the Public Space
Gilder Lehrman Center Post Doctoral Fellows
Elisabeth Anstett (April 2011)
Research Fellow, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
Research topic: Comparative analysis of Russian and American Museology of Forced Labor
Charles Foy (January 2011)
Assistant Professor, History, Eastern Illinois University
Research topic: Prize Negroes in the Age of Sail
Richard Huzzey (Spring term)
History, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Research topic: Agency, anti-slavery, parliament and the era of Reform in the UK
Jane Landers (March 2011)
Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University
Research topic: African Kingdoms, Black Republics, and Free Black Towns in Colonial Spanish America
Stephen Heath Mitton (February 2011)
Assistant Professor, Utah State University
Research topic:  The Underground War: Slaveholding America, Postemancipation Britain, and the Struggle for Mastery of the Atlantic
Kay Wright Lewis (May 2011)
Mellon Fellow, Rutgers University
Research topic:  A Curse Upon the Nation: Ideas about Race, Freedom, and Extermination
James Walvin (Fall term)
Professor Emeritus, University of York
Research topic: A Persistent Problem:  Slavery and the Modern Imagination
International Alliance of Research Universities Visiting Professors – University of Tokyo
Yasuhiro Matsuda
Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
Research interests: Political and diplomatic history of Asia, Politics and foreign relations in the PRC and Taiwan, the Cross-Strait Relations, Japanese foreign relations
Sawako Shirahase
Associate Professor, Sociology, University of Tokyo
Research Interests: Sociology of the family, social demography, comparative welfare states, social policy studies, social stratification and gender
Yoshihiro Yokote
Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo
Research topic:  Comparative study of Japanese and American Revivalism (especially, Medievalism) architecture in the 19-20th century