Appointment Process

Visiting Scholars are appointed at the MacMillan Center either through sponsored searches or faculty nomination. All appointments, whether paid by Yale or externally funded, require the support of a faculty host affiliated with a Council or Program at the Center. There are no unpaid visiting scholar positions.

Each fall, Councils and Programs at the Center post advertisements for paid fellowships in their areas of focus. These can be found on the Employment Opportunities section of the MacMillan Center website.  

Externally funded scholars interested in coming to the MacMillan Center are usually either on a paid sabbatical from their home university or have been funded by an agency or organization to conduct research. If the Council or Program agrees to be the hosting unit, they will initiate the appointment process with the OVEF office. Scholars will be required to demonstrate a source of external salary support for the duration of the appointment and are unable to use personal funds. 

For additional questions about becoming a Visiting Scholar at the MacMillan Center, please email