Yue Zhong

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Graduate School Student

Yue Zhong is a Ph.D. candidate at Waseda University (Graduate School of Commerce), where she also earned her master’s degree in organization theory. Her research concerns the cognition of decision makers and its impact on organizational renewal, where she found empirical evidence that decision makers with greater emphasis on present and future are more likely to initiate strategic change upon performance-aspiration discrepancy. Yue grew up in China, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature from Sun Yat-Sen University. In her undergraduate program, Zhong’s bachelor thesis on the translation of Waka in The Tale of Genji received an outstanding award. Although highly gifted in arts, she has great passion for science; after self-teaching statistics and Python, she has managed to complete an empirical master thesis of high recognition within a year, before which she has had no experience of conducting quantitative research.

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