Nurbanu Hayir

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Fox International Fellow

Nurbanu Hayır recently got her LL.M. degree from Yale Law School and holds a first law degree from Galatasaray University. She is visiting the University of Copenhagen’s iCourts, the Centre of Excellence for International Courts, Faculty of Law, for her research on how public opinion factors into international law compliance. She is particularly interested in the role of public opinion in cases of enforcement of international court judgments and the impact of sanctions on state acts. She seeks to contextualize this question in contentious international law issues, aiming to provide insight into the trajectory of international law during crises and the effectiveness of international legal actors in driving such changes.

She has a broad interest in examining how international law regulates the treatment of foreigners and how nation-state boundaries influence the principles and dynamics of international law. Her previous academic works have explored diverse issues, such as understanding the enforcement histories of international courts through the application of compliance theories, how social psychology phenomena shed light on the varying actions taken by states in similar issues arising from refugee law, the intersection of sanctions and EU migration law, and a critical analysis of the deployment of emergency doctrines in migration contexts.

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Fox International Fellowship