Hiba Ahmed

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Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant - Hindi

Hiba Ahmed is a research scholar and assistant professor in the Department of English at the University of Delhi.  She has taught English language skills and literature courses ranging from the Victorian era to Postmodernism, as well as an Indian Literature course for undergraduate students. Her research concerns the fluctuating identity of Indian Muslims and the conflicts that have occurred within their communities. In particular, her research looks at the (mis)representation of Muslims, particularly Muslim women, in mainstream Indian culture, as well as the growing disillusionment of Muslims due to the segregated social, political, and cultural spaces that they inhabit. As a cultural ambassador and language teacher of Hindi at Yale University, Hiba hopes to enhance her understanding of various cultures and identities from all over the world and act as a window into the diversity of her own country. In so doing, she plans on highlighting the fluidity and beauty of other cultures, traditions, and languages, all of which played a critical role in shaping her own self-understanding and research interests.

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South Asian Studies Council