Claire Chang Wang

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Graduate School Student

Chang Wang is from the master-doctorate combined program at the School of Economics, Fudan University. During recent years, she got the Outstanding Student Scholarship and the National Scholarship for Postgraduate Students. Her passion is understanding the dilemma between environmental degradation and economic development in developing countries, in particular the appropriate policy designs that incentivize environmental regulation enforcement. Chang now participates a research project led by China Energy Investment Corporation of Clean and Efficient utilization of Coal, where she analyzes the trends and influencing factors of energy system transformation in China. With the methods of econometrics, social network analysis and index decomposition analysis, Chang has also published several articles in field journals concerning place-based environmental regulation, environmental pollution and human capital accumulation, and geographics of world energy companies. Prior to studying at Fudan, Chang received a BA in economics (with honor) from Ocean University of China.

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