Bastien Charaudeau Santomauro

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Fox International Fellow

Bastien Charaudeau Santomauro is a Franco-Argentinian PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School. His research articulates an interdisciplinary analysis (legal ethnography, doctrinal analysis and legal theory) of the legal processes of marginalization of migrants at the border. He works in particular on the case of the French-Italian border where he does his fieldwork. He seeks to unveil the legal operations that determine the status of migrants at the border. He examines more specifically how the dynamics of the socio-legal controversy around the border affect the interpretation and the elaboration of migration law, in particular migrants’ legal standing and citizens’ right to provide assistance to foreigners. Bastien is a graduate in Political Philosophy, Law and Migration Studies. He holds a B.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences (Sciences Po, 2013), an M.A. in Political and Legal Philosophy (Sorbonne University, 2015), an M.A. in Economic Law (Sciences Po Law School, 2016) and an advanced M.A. in Interdisciplinary Analysis of Europe and Migrations (IEE-ULB, 2017). Bastien is a member of Sciences Po Law School’s Clinic since 2019. He was Visiting Research Scholar at Northeastern University School of Law in 2018-2019.

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Fox International Fellowship