Anuoluwapo Ademosu

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Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant - Yoruba

As a passionate advocate for Yoruba language and cultural heritage, I am dedicated to ensuring its preservation and continuity for future generations. With a B.A. in Yoruba and Communication Arts from Lagos State University and over eight years of teaching experience in both public and private schools, I have honed my expertise as a Yoruba Language teacher and instructor.

Throughout my career, I have received recognition and monetary awards for my outstanding contributions to promoting Yoruba language and cultural values. Notably, I successfully obtained Yoruba artifacts like the “Omele” drum and “ọpọn ayo” for Laoye College, further enriching the cultural experience for students.

Additionally, I have acquired practical skills in fashion designing, tye and dye, coconut, and palm kernel oil, which have been seamlessly integrated into my teaching methods, making the learning experience engaging and impactful for my students.

My genuine interest lies in learning new languages, exploring diverse cultures, and acquiring new skills that enhance my teaching capabilities. My ultimate goal is to foster a generation of Yoruba Language enthusiasts who take pride in embracing their language and cultural heritage, securing its continuity for generations to come.

African Studies
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Council on African Studies
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