Anton Sobolev

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Post-doctoral Associate

Anton Sobolev is completing his PhD in Political Science from the University of California - Los Angeles. Anton’s research applies a mixture of machine learning, causal inference, and large-scale data to study the effects of technological development on collective political behavior. His dissertation forms the basis of a book project which explores the information tools employed by modern non-democratic leaders to maintain political control and their citizens’ probable responses to the strategies these tools make possible. His focus is primarily on non-democratic government hiring of agents to impersonate ordinary citizens and engage online and offline with political activists. Anton holds an MSc in Statistics from UCLA and an MA in Political Science from Higher School of Economics (Moscow). His work has been published in World Politics, Post-Soviet Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies, and Problems of Post-Communism. He published in American and Russian printed and electronic media, including The Monkey Cage Blog, the leading Russian business daily Vedomosti, and Forbes-Russia. 

Leitner Program
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Leitner Program in Political Economy