Amartuvshin Chunag

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Associate Research Scholar
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Chunag Amartuvshin is an Associate Research Scholar in the Council on East Asian Studies at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University. He is also a senior research archaeologist at the Mongolian Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences, and director of the Institute’s Archaeological Heritage Management Department.  Dr. Amartuvshin is also co-director of the Joint Mongolian-American Delgerkhaan Uul Archaeological Expedition and his research interests include the emergence of social complexity among nomadic groups, the study of mortuary process, and the preservation of steppe nomadic heritage. His has published several monographs, and his most recent one is “Archaeological landscape of the Gobi: Sites of the Khanbogd soum” (Ulaanbaatar, 2019). His current research mainly focuses on the early adoption of herd animals. During his appointment at Yale, he will be continuing his research on “Innovative Disruption: Nomadic complexity in Mongolia and Northeast Asia – The Dornod Mongol project” and “Climate, human and ecosystem interactions in the dace of a rapidly changing North Asian biome.”

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