Insurance Coverage

You are responsible for ensuring desired insurance coverage during your time abroad. Yale University Health Services provides limited coverage only. To learn more visit YHP website.  

Travellers on Yale-related business (including students travelling on study abroad programs, doing research, attending conferences, or student organization travel) now have coverage for up to $250,000 in out-of-country medical expenses for treatment of accidents or sicknesses that occur while travelling through International SOS Global Travel Assistance Program. This coverage includes 14 days of personal travel deviation. If a traveller extends his/her trip, either before or after the Yale business component of the trip, e.g., to tour the area or visit another country, this coverage will still apply up to a maximum of 14 days.  For more information, visit ISOS and scroll down to the section labeled “Out-of-Country Medical Care Coverage.” Please note that this coverage does not apply if the traveller is travelling to his/her country of citizenship.

Yale University provides ISOS Travel Assistance at no cost to all current students. ISOS provides international and domestic emergency medical, security and travel assistance services anywhere in the world. For more information and to print a ISOS ID card, please go here