Eric Mukhebi

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Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant-Kiswahili

Eric Mukhebi Wafula graduated with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed. Arts) degree from Kenyatta University in Kenya in 2018. While in his final year at Kenyatta University, he was part of the Growing Leaders Programme where he attained a Certificate in Leadership Development and Mentorship, passing with a distinction.

Before joining Yale as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, Eric had worked as a teacher of English and Literature in several secondary schools in Kenya. Since his university days, he has also been active in community outreach programmes with a focus on the less fortunate in the community. He is an active member of several Community Based Organizations that focus on philanthropic work. His other interests include sports, reading and writing.

As a cultural ambassador and Kiswahili teaching assistant at Yale University, Eric hopes to hone his teaching skills and to enhance his understanding of various cultures and identities from all over the world and act as a window into Kenya’s rich cultural diversity.

African Studies
Council on African Studies
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